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Online Financial Crime, AML and Fraud Management programs

Join the Fight Against Fraud and Financial Crime.

Fraud and financially based crime are constantly in the news and globally on the rise. This type of financial crime threatens individuals, businesses, organizations and entire national economies. 

Utica’s suite of online master’s, bachelor’s, and certificate programs in the anti-money laundering (AML), compliance, fraud, and financial crime disciplines are among the most advanced and recognized in the world and prepare you for a successful career in these fields.

Utica College is also home to three major institutes of research:

  • The Economic Crime and Cybersecurity Institute (ECCI)
  • The Center for Identity Management and Information Protection (CIMIP)
  • The Computer Forensics Research Development Center

MS in Financial Crime & Compliance

Master the management strategies that win the fight against financial crime and advance your career. Utica College’s online MS in Financial Crime and Compliance Management combines the areas of management, technology, and analytical skills with a global understanding of economic crime. The innovative curriculum is designed to advance the competencies of experienced professionals in law enforcement, private corporations, government, and military in managing advanced resources to combat financial crime.


Sample positions include:

  • Manager and Investigators
  • Senior Risk Manager
  • Fraud Analyst
  • Internal Audit Manager
  • Anti-Money Laundering Manager
  • Credit Investigations Manager
  • Senior Investigator
  • Loss Prevention Manager
  • Fraud Investigator


Key Course Examples:


FCM 627 – Fraud Management: Risk and Compliance (3 Credits)
Application of principles and practices of compliance and operational risk assessment and mitigation to the management of fraud prevention detection, and investigation.


FCM 631 – Fraud Management and Technology (3 Credits)
Examines the challenges of management in an increasingly technological environment along with the history and evolutionary development of counter-fraud technology. Evaluates the integration of fraud management in the development of new corporate products or instruments, and anticipates new forms of fraud based on the application of new and projected technologies.


FCM 642 – Advanced Fraud Analysis (3 Credits)
Designed to familiarize students with innovative analytic approaches used to perform complex fraud analysis. Topics include: link analysis, data mining, advanced statistical tools, case management systems and expert system approaches such as neural network early-warning software.

BS in Fraud & Financial Crime Investigation

Utica College’s online BS in Fraud and Financial Crime Investigation arms you with the skills, tools and evidence-gathering techniques to excel in fraud detection and financial crime investigation. Coursework also provides a comprehensive view of the criminal justice system and how it relates to financial crime across public and private sectors, and also covers all major financial crime areas – banking, computer, insurance, investment frauds, identity crimes, money laundering and more.


The online bachelor’s program also offers two concentrations.

  1. Financial Investigation
  2. Fraud Prevention and Detection


Sample positions include:

  • Compliance Analyst
  • Fraud Detection Analyst
  • Ethics Program Administrator
  • Forensic Investigator


Key Course Examples:

CRJ 335 – Cybercrime Law and Investigations (3 Credits)
Cybercrimes, including computer crimes, Internet fraud, e-commerce and threats to the national infrastructure.  Policies, legal issues and investigative techniques and strategies and implications for investigation and enforcement on a global scale.


ACC 406 – Forensic Accounting & Fraud Auditing (3 Credits)
Integration of accounting, auditing and fraud investigative skills. Resolution of accounting "irregularities". Use of auditing case studies for analyzing documents and internal controls, tracing funds, examining business interruption losses and preserving and preparing evidence.


CRJ 347 – Fraud Prevention and Detection Technologies (3 Credits)
Use of technology in the investigation of financial crimes, including fraud examination and detection, data mining, link analysis, neural networks, statistical analysis, and pattern recognition.

Financial Crimes Investigator Certificate

Taught by expert faculty, Utica College offers a six-course financial crimes investigator certificate that teaches you key skills and techniques for gathering, analyzing, and preserving evidence related to economic and financial misdeeds.

You can graduate in as little as 12 months fully prepared for a dynamic career in the growing industry of prevention, detection, and investigation of white collar crimes.

Career Outlook

Career opportunities for graduates are available in the public and private sectors, and jobs are expected to grow 7 percent by 2029 on average*

Financial Examiners can earn between $43,500 to more than $158,200 a year
- U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


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* U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, bls.gov

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