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Your Fraud-Fighting Mission Starts at Utica

Develop the Mindset and Methods for Defeating Fraud

Take a stand against data breaches, financial fraud, internal corruption, and even organized crime by arming yourself with the managerial, technological, and analytical skills that enable you to identify, prevent, and protect organizations from fraud and financial crimes. Engage your investigative mind and put your analytical abilities to work with an online degree program designed to help you advance in – and eventually lead – fraud prevention efforts at any organization, large or small, public or private.

Utica University’s fully online and flexible degree programs enable you to balance your personal and professional responsibilities while gaining the analysis skills and valuable insights to create positive change for organizations in health care, education, and more.

One-third of business bankruptcies in the United States result from employee theft, with losses amounting to $50 billion annually1

Every $1 of fraud costs U.S. retailers – store-based and online – $3.36, an increase of 7.3% from 20202

U.S. ecommerce retailers encountered 334 fraud attempts per month in 2020, only 34.3% of which were prevented2

Top 10% of financial examiners earn nearly $160,000 per year3

Advance Your Competencies with the Latest Technologies and Skills

Utica University’s online M.S. in Financial Crime and Compliance Management combines the areas of management, technology, and analytical skills with a global understanding of economic crime. The innovative curriculum is designed to advance the competencies of experienced professionals in law enforcement, private corporations, government, and military in managing advanced resources to combat financial crime. This program will also support your preparation for the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) and Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) examinations.

Highlighted Courses

Fraud Management: Risk and Compliance

Application of principles and practices of compliance and operational risk assessment and mitigation to the management of fraud prevention detection, and investigation.

Advanced Fraud Analysis

Designed to familiarize students with innovative analytic approaches used to perform complex fraud analysis. Topics include: link analysis, data mining, advanced statistical tools, case management systems and expert system approaches such as neural network early-warning software.

Fraud Management and Technology

Examines the challenges of management in an increasingly technological environment along with the history and evolutionary development of counter-fraud technology. Evaluates the integration of fraud management in the development of new corporate products or instruments, and anticipates new forms of fraud based on the application of new and projected technologies.

Opportunities Abound for Financial Crime Graduates

Innovation and new technologies not only bring exciting opportunities to businesses worldwide, but they also invite new and costly threats. Plus, the evolving nature and frequency of attacks means the demand for highly trained professionals with anti-money laundering, risk management, and threat detection/prevention skills is at an all-time high. With your Utica master’s degree in hand, you’ll be ready to make the most of the opportunities available now and for years to come.

Top 11 Jobs in Fraud and Financial Crime (w/2021 average annual salary)4

  1. Fraud Risk Analyst ($52,325)
  2. Fraud Investigator ($59,908)
  3. Forensic Accountant ($72,735)
  4. Financial Examiner ($62,650)
  5. Fraud Detection Analyst ($42,100)
  6. Insurance Claims Investigator ($44,890)
  7. Fraud Prevention Analyst ($50,145)
  8. Internal Auditor ($72,780)
  9. Director of Enterprise Risk Management ($145,621)
  10. Compliance Officer ($85,800)
  11. Chief Risk Officer ($260,300)

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