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Online MHA in Health Care Administration

Earn your Nursing Home Administrators License and a master’s degree.

The online MHA in Health Care Administration from Utica College is a transformative program that provides leading professionals, like you, with the tools and skills for continued success. You’ll build on your career experience, hone your leadership skills and learn new ways to improve health care from the executive level while still using a patient-centered approach.

Annual salaries can range from $56,230 to more than $165,380.^

This 36-credit master's program offers three areas of emphasis:

  1. Acute Care
  2. Service Organizations
  3. Nursing Home Administration


Utica's graduate online Health Care Administration degree provides excellent specialization tracks to prepare students for a wide range of careers in health care administration:

  • Hospitals
  • Hospices
  • Medical clinics
  • Government health care agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Health care research institutions
  • Nursing homes, Rehabilitation Centers, Convalescent Homes
  • Higher Education
  • Nonprofit human service, e.g. United Way, Red Cross, Disability Organizations, etc.

The flexible curriculum will help diversify your skills and give you a competitive edge over fellow job seekers and health care management candidates. Those individuals who combine a high level of education with appropriate experience will benefit from this growing sector-which is why our graduates have gone on to achieve tremendous success as health care administration professionals.

Curriculum: Core Courses & Capstone

Core Courses: Continuum of Care (21 Credit Hours)

HCA 521 Health Care Systems: A Continuum of Care
HCA 527* Health Care Ethical and Legal Issues
HCA 531 Leadership in Marketing and Strategic Planning
HCA 612 Advanced Seminar
HCA 614 Quality Management and Performance: Improvement in Evidence Based Healthcare
HCA 615* Human Resources Management
ACC 506 Health Care Accounting Processes

Capstone (3 Credit Hours)

HCA 675 Capstone Project

Curriculum: Leadership Electives

Electives: Leadership (12 Credit Hours)

Hospital: Acute Care, Medical Facilities
HCA 613 Health Care Administrator Leader
HCA 627 Health Informatics
FIN 585* Health Care Financial Management
HCA 645 Clinical Research
- OR -
Service Organizations: Government, Corporate, Insurance, Research
HCA 525 Organization Leadership
HCA 616 Organization Development and Change
HCA 613 Health Care Administrator Leader
GNT 613 Grant Writing, Program Planning, and Evaluation
- OR -
Nursing Home: Long Term Care Services
HCA 621* Nursing Home Administration
FIN 585* Health Care Financial Management
GNT 503* Perspectives in Gerontology
GNT 603 Long Term Care Policy/Programs
- OR -
Additional Electives
FCM 535 Legal and Investigative Issues for Fraud Management
FCM 603 Management of Fraud Prevention and Detection
- OR -
Exploring the Health Care Environment
ECN 535 The Economics of Health and Health Care Policy


*Coursework for nursing home administration licensure. Check with your states' licensing agency or contact an Admissions Representative at (866) 295-3106 to verify the necessary coursework.

Online Residencies

Online Synchronous Residencies

The Health Care Administration Program requires online attendance in four Synchronous Residencies. Each of these interactions will occur at the initiation of the following courses: Note see master schedule for course times.

  • HCA 521 – Health Care Systems
  • HCA 525 – Organizational Leadership
  • HCA 531 – Leadership in Marketing and Strategic Planning
  • HCA 613 – The Health Care Administrator Leader

A Synchronous Residence is an online learning environment in which a professor has the ability to engage with multiple online students at the same time, in a virtual classroom setting. This venue will provide tools for online presentations and a space for discussion and sharing of materials regardless of bandwidth, geographic location, or operating system. Professors schedule the Residencies to accommodate students’ work schedules and time zone differences to create a collaborative learning forum.

Job Growth
Health Care Administration positions will grow at a rate of 17 percent by 2024.^

The program is 100 percent online, coursework can be completed on your schedule and you can graduate with your master’s degree in as little as two years. In some states, the program’s curriculum meets the course requirements for Nursing Home Administrator licensure.

^ Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2016-17 Edition, Medical and Health Services Managers, on the Internet at (visited August 09, 2016).

“I’ve been able to utilize something from every course…the faculty have a genuine interest in the coursework and our success.”

- Robert Nadon
Assistant Program Manager, Samaritan Medical Center

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